Orange Departments

Orange DepartmentsOrange have grown into a large company, making contacting the right department a difficult task. You might need to contact the Orange helpline to help you with a phone or tablet that isn’t working properly or maybe for connectivity issues with your Orange broadband. This guide will help help you understand the role of each department within Orange, so that directing your call to the correct place is easy.

Account, Billing and Top Up

This is the department that deal with all queries relating to the billing of your Orange account. So, if you have a query relating to your bill, need to pay your bill, set up a new direct-debit so that it is paid automatically or need to top up a pay as you go account, this is the department that you’ll need to speak to.

This department will also assist you with managing your account with Orange. For instance, they can assist with upgrading your phone, unlocking your phone and with managing the content on any phones linked to your account. This department can also help you get a PAC code, allowing you to keep your old phone number despite transferring from another provider. If you’re planning on going abroad, calling this department can help you get sound advice as to what call charges you’ll pay whilst you’re away and whether purchasing an add-on might save you money.

Broadband and Network

This department can help you with your connectivity, helping you stay in touch with the internet wherever you are. In the first instance, they can help you choose between standard and fibre broadband for your home and can assist you with connecting your devices or with any other connectivity issues. You can also call this department if you need assistance understanding mobile broadband and the cost of add-ons to allow you more data. This department can also assist you with checking and improving your network coverage.

Phones and Devices

Orange are no longer selling phones on-line, meaning that you will need to call the Orange helpline and speak to this department if you wish to purchase a new phone or device. This department can offer advice as to which phone or device will meet all of your needs. They can also help you to understand the features of your phone and assist with any issues you have as you use your phone,

Price Plans and Add-ons

This department can help you find the right price plan for your needs and manage all the extras on your account. The team here can help you understand the add-ons that you can purchase and of they will be beneficial to you. You can also call this department if you wish to discuss taking out insurance for your phone or device.