Orange FAQ

Orange FAQOrange offers mobile and broadband plans in the U.K. The customer service is operated by the parent company EE. Customers contact Orange customer service for a variety of reasons. Here are the top four reasons.

How to Retain the Phone Number when Moving to Orange from a Competitor

Customers migrating to Orange from a competitor, and wanting to retain their number need to get a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) from the previous mobile service provider. When the Orange SIM is activated, a temporary number issued. Customers can then contact Orange customer service with the PAC number to retain their previous number. The process takes a maximum of two days and there may be an interruption of service for a few hours when the transfer takes place. PACs are valid only for 30 days.

How to Activate a SIM card

Customers who join Orange on a pay monthly plan have their SIM activated automatically, regardless of whether it was purchased in-store, online, or through a partner network. Customers on pay-as-you-go plans have their SIM activated as soon as they top up the SIM for the first time. 

Pay as you go broadband SIM will display a screen on the browser when accessing the internet for the first time. Simply click on “Activate” button to start using data. At times, to activate data settings, it may be necessary to turn the phone off and switch it on again. 

Replacement SIM, regardless of the plan, requires manual activation by contacting Orange customer support. 

How to Identify the Best Phone Plan

Orange offers a free service “the right plan for you.” This service reviews the minutes, text, and data that the subscriber is using, compares the same to the range of plans on offer, matches it with the customer’s contract, and makes a review every six month as to whether the subscriber is in the most optimal plan. The scheme automatically sends text alerts if there are any better plans available with Orange.

Switching plans is easy, and only requires a call to the customer services. It does not require re-signing the contract. 

How to Activate Roaming

All Orange enabled phones, tablets, and laptops are enabled to be used when abroad by default. The customer needs to contact customer support and make a specific request to block roaming facilities, if so required. Similarly, voicemail is also active by default.

Calls, data, and text cost more on roaming, compared to normal domestic rates. Contact Orange customer support for details on roaming charges. Orange also sends a text message when the phone is switched on at the foreign destination for the first time, indicating the cost to use the phone. When customers start using data when abroad, Orange issues a text message indicating the same, the cost per MB, and available data bundle at the location. Purchasing an available data bundle would result in reduced costs. Customers may log in to their account or call customer support numbers to check data usage when roaming. 

Customers may call Orange customer service phone numbers for more information.